Minutes - PTA Reboot 30th March 2021

6pm was clearly not a good time, so this was a short meeting.

Goal of the meeting was to touch base and re-energise the committee with a view to kicking off in earnest after Spring half term.

A reminder of the agenda:

* Welcome

* Teachers Wish List

* Playground project

* Fete

* Ideas for getting a wider audience

In attendance:

Sally Payton, Adam Wyatt, Stephanie Edwards, Kate Lowe


The meeting bounced around. We discussed that we need more details on the items requested by the teachers and without full committee we could not agree to sign off on them.

We agreed that we wanted more attendance at the next session. We want to send out some school notices in ParentMail and ClassDojo to ramp up interest. All agreed that 6pm was too early. Put next meeting date as the 26th March 8pm.

We discussed the school playground and the need for further quotes. We discussed plans for ythe school extension - what has happened to those? What funding is coming from the village plans? (https://www.cliftonhampdenpta.co.uk/post/clifton-hampden-neighbourhood-plan). Discussed looking into funding options - too many distractions to firmly agree any next steps.

We discussed the Fete and all agreed that we should go ahead. We discussed ways of splitting up the work.

Adam mentioned a quarterly review of the financials of the group.


Kate Lowe:

* Set up next meeting and email school to get an announcement out on last day of school 31st March 2021

* Ask who is the financial officer for the school

* Ask Mrs Haines for more details on the items wanted for wish list

* Ask for details on playground and prompt further quotes & drawings of the plans

* Create a list of job roles for volunteers to opt into for the Fete

* Organise a committee meeting for voting on wish list, and review of financials

Sally Payton

* Get a list of possible stalls together for the Fete and work with Kate to assign these to the job roles

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