Clifton Hampden Neighbourhood Plan

Securing the future of our villages, amenities, and the health and wellbeing of the community Our Neighbourhood Plan will secure the future of our community and our amenities in the face of the direct threat posed by the massive developments at Culham and Berinsfield. Our vision is for a single, thriving, sustainable parish formed of two distinct villages, each with its own particular identity and character, with shared facilities and amenities.

The proposals include:

• A new surgery • About 25 new homes on two sites, including some affordable housing • Additional parking • Refurbishment of and improvements to the Village Hall • A new cemetery and allotments

And will generate funding toward:

• School buildings • Refurbishment of the Scout Hut and Cricket Pavilion • Safety Improvements on the bridge improving access to the Barley Mow and the car park, which is also a village carpark • A new public loo

And through a separate agreement with the landonwers, a new footpath and cycle path between Clifton Hampden and Long Wittenham.

Find out more and have your say…

The Neighbourhood Plan, when adopted after a referendum, becomes planning policy and will be used to inform and determine planning applications in the area in the period to 2034. Please have a look at the plans and let us know what you think by completing the Have your say section.

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